Parenchyma analysis

Hello, this is my first time trying this software and I don’t really understand programming and coding. I followed the tutorials but for some reason the software doesn’t create the lung density histogram.

As label map volume, whether I pick none or partial lung label map, it just creates another partial lung label map and the image viewers show only one slice.
When I tried interactive lobe segmentation, the same thing happened.
I appreciate any help. Thanks a lot.

You seem to be using an outdated version of Slicer.
Please install Slicer 5.0.3 stable and use Parenchyma Analysis like this:

(Video 2 x speed, Slicer demo data)

Hi all, I am trying to use Parenchyma Analysis (version Slicer 5.0.3) but the software just did not work (only creating label map). I did without segmentation. I appreciate any help. Thank you.

@lassoan could we find a solution for integrating the SlicerCIP develop branch into the CIP extension update mechanism?
My last maintenance work on Parenchyma Analysis was done in this branch.

Slicer Preview Release uses

This causes CIP not being available for Slicer Preview Releases. So, I would not hurry switching to GitHub - acil-bwh/SlicerCIP: Slicer extension for the Chest Imaging Platform just yet.

We still don’t have write access to GitHub - acil-bwh/ChestImagingPlatform: Chest Imaging Platform (CIP) and the pull request that is required for Slicer to build CIP is still not integrated, so I’m considering switching back to our fork.