Lung Vessel using CIP module

Im a med student and pretty new about 3D Slicer.
I want to calculate lung vessel BV5/TBV and PA:A.
Recently i have been read this journal, Radiographic Pulmonary Vessel Volume, Lung Function, and Airways Disease in the Framingham Heart Study - PMC as a reference, but i still don’t know how to do it.

Can you help me explain step by step how to generate 3d model of lung vessel using CIP module, then calculate BV5/TBV and PA:A?

Many thanks.

Unfortunately, this can not be done out of the box with the current implementation of 3D Slicer CIP. @raul, cited in the above reference, most probably used specialized vessel segmentation software for his project in 2013.

You can, however, dig into the Lung CT Analyzer extension and create a vessel segmentation like this in 240 s on an appropriate hardware (no mouse clicks, with TotalSegmentator extended AI, using “lung_vessel” subtask , cite and cite):

Hope that gets you started.