Lung Vessels module

how can I get lung vessels? i want to get lung vessels without lung body
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You need a lung CT with good vessel contrast. In Slicer, you can use the CTACardio demo data set for example. We found that the new “Local Threshold” function in Slicers´s “Segment Editor” works very well for extracting the pulmonary artery (blue) and vein (red). The demo dataset has a limited resolution, you will get more detailed vessels with higher resolutions.


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Another way to achieve vessel segmentation is to use the “Grow from Seeds” function in the “Segment Editor”. More manual work, but you get additional airways and lung shadow. I usually define lungs, trachea and bifurcation, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein and “Other” (paint a circle around the thorax in all axes) with a few paint strokes. Select “Grow from Seeds” and “Initialize”. Correct the results by adding a few paint strokes here and there. Press “Apply”. Go “Segments” and reduce the lung opacity.



CIP Lung Segmenter, Flood Fill and Logical Operators Subtract were the only effects I used for these results. The scan slice thickness is .06 mm and most of the iv contrast was in the pulmonary artery. Hope this helps.


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Very interesting, could you post a short workflow ?

Muchas gracias! lo voy a mirar y a ver que tal! gracias!

Sure Rudolf-I used version 4.13.0-2020-12-10 for the following workflow:

CIP>Lung CT Segmenter
Segment Editor>additional segment painted over hilum/cardiac area
Trachea replaced using Flood Filling for deeper segmentation
PA and PV> Flood Filling
Editable Area>Inside All Segments>Allow Overlap
Intensity Tolerance ranged anywhere from 50-120
Logical Operators>Subtraction

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Hello, I am relatively new to Slicer so can you explain in further detail exactly what you do when you start using the Segment Editor (“Segment Editor>additional segment painted over hilum/cardiac area”
) for the extracting the pulmonary vessells.
Many thanks

Hello-that refers to Segment_1 circled in red. I found that by encompassing the entire area of interest, Flood Fill tool gave great results with minimal additional editing in this particular case. I experimented with this workflow omitting this step and found the segmentation differed. Hope that helps-Thank you

Thank-you, I’ll give that a try

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