Mac preview release build failed to load content in extension manager

Build env: MacOS 11.6, Qt 5.15.2, cmake 3.20.5

I fetched the latest slicer preview release(4.13.0-2021-09-27) from the slicer master branch. Cause SimpleITK cannot be built from mac, the solution mentioned here (issues 5498) is not working for me, so I disabled the build for SimpleITK since our development doesn’t require this module. After a successful build, the extension manager is not working, error message in terminal:

[52428:95747:0928/] Error creating context.
[0928/] Couldn't mmap icu data file
[0928/] Couldn't mmap icu data file
[0928/] Couldn't mmap icu data file

And the extension manager looks:

After this, I try to restore the SlicerJupyter extension manually. I download it from here and it installed successfully. However, the JupyterKernel is unable to load after restart Slicer.

I also download the package dmg file and run it, the extension manager works fine there:

Does anyone have an idea of what leading to this?

This is the expected behavior. If you build Slicer then you also need to build all the extenions that you want to use to ensure ABI compatibility.

After you have build Slicer on your computer (which is not very easy), building the extensions is trivial, just two CMake commands - see here.

Hi, Thanks for the suggestions.
I’ve built Slicer on my Mac by disabling the simpleITK module. However, when I try to build SlicerJupyter, a problem caused by lacking argon2-cffi wheel occurred, I also posted this problem here:

SlicerJupyter build failed on MacOSX due to failed building wheel for argon2-cffi

The advice received is to try to install it from extension manager.