macOS build #error "Unknown architecture !" associated with DynamicModeler/Logic/FastMarching

I get as far as:

In file included from /opt/SB/debug/SurfaceToolbox/DynamicModeler/Logic/FastMarching/gw_core/../gw_maths/GW_Maths.h:13:
/opt/SB/debug/SurfaceToolbox/DynamicModeler/Logic/FastMarching/gw_core/../gw_maths/GW_MathsConfig.h:139:3: error: "Unknown architecture !"
    #error "Unknown architecture !"

Now, I am building on MacOS 11.6, with my CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET set to 10.15, but I have done this before (though a while ago) and had no issues. Perhaps I should build with an up to date deployment target version.

#error "Unknown architecture !"

This particular issue is being address in Fix macOS build error, simplify setting of position independent flag and fix warnings by jcfr · Pull Request #48 · Slicer/SlicerSurfaceToolbox · GitHub and should be addressed in the next hour.

Got it, thanks @jcfr!

This has been fixed in

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OK, I can build and run on MacOS. Thanks!