"Mark a reply as the solution" in Support category

(Andras Lasso) #1

What do you think about enabling enabling “Allow topic owner and staff to mark a reply as the solution” feature in Support category? It would allow highlighting an answer as solution and topics that have a solution would be marked with a checkmark in the topic list - see in Developer category.
It would be helpful to easily see which topics are answered and where further help is needed. But at the same time, there may be multiple good answers and the topic owner may not take the time to set an answer as solution (and sometimes it’s just too hard to provide a good solution).

We could also close topics that don’t require follow-up anymore (either answered or nobody) - either manually or using auto-close feature (topic closed after a certain time after the last answer). These topics appear with a padlock icon (see the “Error uploading…” topic in developer category for an example).

We could do both - resolved if there is a chosen solution and auto-close after N days of inactivity.

(Steve Pieper) #2

I didn’t care for solution option at first because it duplicates the text and it seems that if you want to know the full story you end up reading the same posts multiple times, once edited and once raw. But it is helpful if there’s a long back and forth and a final simple answer. It looks like you can also apply the check to more than one answer (I didn’t try).

I don’t think auto-closed makes much sense unless it’s pretty long (like a month). Then I would think it should have a different icon than a closed and resolved issue.

Oddly the close checkbox shows up with the padlock on the main page “Latest” view listing, but ony the padlock showns in the “Suggested Topics” view. I like the checkbox better than the padlock. Especially if the padlock might mean either “resolved” or “timed out” with no easy way to tell the difference.

(Jean Christophe Fillion Robin) #3


No strong feeling. Whatever you guys choose will work for me :slight_smile: