Feature requests category

I suggest we add a separate category “Feature requests”. This can be used to prioritize development, collect votes on features, and discuss implementation approaches.

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Good idea to mark feature requests, especially if we can vote for them. Can we vote?
I think it’s also possible to define tags for each topic, so that’s an option, too (to keep the number of categories manageable).

It would be also useful to be able to mark posts about implemented new features (completed feature requests).

We can “like”, which essentially is the same as voting. Unfortunately, we cannot sort posts by likes (or can we? maybe it’s a configuration option?).

Yes, that’s an option too, the difference is tags can be assigned by the user, and don’t need to be assigned. They could be assigned as part of triaging a topic by experienced users, but the problem is the topic can be broader than feature request. Having a dedicated category would 1) remind users that they are welcomed to submit feature requests; 2) keep topics focused on feature requests. See example of topic organization here: http://forum.paperpile.com/c/feature-requests

We could add prefix [RESOLVED] in the title of the topic to address this?

It’s possible to “close” topics. Maybe that could be usable, too.
Not all new features are requested through the forum. Maybe a more generic name such as “New features” would cover both?

I guess we need to check out a couple of forums and learn from them.

Here is a list of discourse instances:

We can also create subcategories, just for testing it I’ve added Features / Feature requests - see https://discourse.slicer.org/categories