MarkupsToModel : build fails with VTK9

Slicer builds nicely with VTK9 on Arch Linux with gcc 10.2.

MarkupsToModel fails to build on VTK_OVERRIDE and VTK_DELETE_FUNCTION. If all occurrences of these macros are removed, the build process completes. Can’t know if it’s the right fix.

Thank you for looking into it.

Could you send a pull request that replaces these macros with their meaning (override and = delete)? Thank you!

I removed these macros in 3 header files. It was not a replacement by some other non-empty values. In particular, there is no VTK version testing. I can send the pull request as such, and just want to confirm that it’s what you expect.

Just understood better what you mean.

Replace VTK_OVERRIDE by override, and VTK_DELETE_FUNCTION by =delete.

I’ll send the PR.

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