Modify other segment in mask selection

im srtuggling with the new feature of " modify other segments in mask selection "
is there a way to disable it???

in my workflow, i don’t want to modify other segments. i choose outside all segments but still get issues often and solved by changing this part of options

i find myself going back and forth between options in mask and sometimes i feel im lost and not sure what’s going wrong


You can choose “Allow overlap” if you don’t want editing one segment overwrite another.

To completely isolate a set of segments, you can create a new segmentation node and move segments there. You can layer move all segments back to one segmentation. You can easily move segments between segmentations by drag-and-drop in Data module.

what i really wish for is that the segment i made act like a mask or boundery for the new segment ill creat .

most of my work contain really close segments with quite similar threshold , so i make one to differential to set the boundary for others .

i use to make edit outside other segments but it either prevent me from making the new one

To make sure you can only paint inside a selected segment (let’s call this “mask” segment), choose the “mask” segment in “Editable area”.

You probably don’t want this “mask” segment to be modified by editing. To achieve this, hide the “mask” segment and choose “Modify other segments” → “Overwrite visible”. This will only allow overwriting visible segments, and since the “mask” segment is not visible, it will not be overwritten.

the issues is that i need to see the other segment while drawing the new one . like im defining very close muscle or lesion that started in bone and goes out in some location .

i like ( need) to see the previous segment while not modify it at all

You could export it to a Model and show slicer intersections. It’ll be a bit smoothed but it won’t interfere with your segments.

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You can also copy or move the segment into another segmentation.