NA-MIC website and so Mantis is down

Is somebody know why the whole NA-MIC website is down, and when we can expect it to be up again? Thanks!

(If this topic should be in a different category, please let me know, I’m still in the learning phase for discourse)

It’s down for me, too.

Similar topics went into the Support category before, so I move it there, attaching web-infrastructure tag.

Now it’s up. It was down a few days ago too, so I’d still like to hear some news from people who have some insight into the infrastructure

I think @freephile is working on the underlying infrastructure.

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works for me.

@cpinter were you looking for this url: (the URL you included on the status check site was, not sure if that one is valid).

Today I was doing some work on preparing the NEW infrastructure for na-mic; but NOT the live website. So, I don’t know what today’s problem was related to or caused by. In general, I know that there are some intervals of time when scheduled backup jobs take place which produce a “site down” effect because there aren’t enough resources for Apache to respond. I don’t have good visibility into the backup system or those jobs.


I use Not sure if there is a difference

Thanks! I have the feeling that for some reason the speed of the site is very variable, and sometimes it decreases to the not responding state. I’ll try to pay closer attention and let you know if there is something worth mentioning.