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Hello, in the past the NA-MIC wiki has been a terrific resource for users. Many of my own web pages include links to the wiki, like this one for GE-specific diffusion details:

At the moment, all these pages seem to have vanished. If one searches for information on these vanished pages, you see they are still cached. For example, if you enter 0043 into the search you see links to pages, but when you click on the links you are told the pages are empty.

Thanks for reporting this. Probably it is due to the recent migration of the wiki to a different server. @freephile could you have a look?

@Chris_Rorden, Thanks for the example. Could you give me a couple more examples of vanished pages? I’m trying to work out the exact nature of the problem. (The NAMIC_Wiki namespace exists, but the specific page you cited does not.)

Here is another one that uses the DTI namespace and appears to have vanished:

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That’s an important page - it’s probably widely linked.

Another note, when I used the search on the wiki for that keyword Wiki:DTI:Nrrd format I got back this link: which takes me to an error page with a link to a github repository that’s not obviously related. @freephile should I file a separate issue about the search bar? Most other search results seem to work fine.

C2 is the original wiki by Ward Cunningham – unrelated to the na-mic wiki itself. Did you use Google search rather than on-wiki search? Or are you saying that the na-mic wiki gave you that result? I don’t see it in these search results.

In any case, if you want to open an issue I’d be glad to dig into it. Please use the eQuality Technology discourse for Surgical Planning Lab at Thanks ~ Greg

I’ve found several examples. I’m looking into it. Will probably update tomorrow with a fix, but will need to debug in the development environment to understand what’s going on with these titles.

Thanks @freephile, I filed a report on the site. Yes, I mean that when I enter that search term into the wiki’s search entry box on the left it take me to this page:

Following the link takes me here:

which takes me to this github page:

@Chris_Rorden, @Tina_Kapur, @lassoan, @pieper The issue with ‘vanishing content’ on NA-MIC wiki is solved. See for a list of content that was affected. These pages are all now functional as before.

If you notice any other problems, please feel free to report them at


Thank you @freephile !

  1. The pages are back, and old links work again. Thanks!
  2. Does the search system need to be refreshed? If I now type “0043” into the search box at the right, I get no hits, while it should have found this page.