Need to change orientation marker (eg human figure) relative to volume

Operating system: Windows
Slicer version: 4.11.0-2020-02-20
Expected behavior: I need to rotate the human figure orientation marker to match the orientation of my image volume.
Actual behavior: Currently, the orientation of the marker is not synchronized to the volume orientation. Can this be specified in the scene view or other default file? My letter coordinates are correct, but I would like to use the intuitive human body image.

The human marker should be oriented correctly in 3d space and should match the letter coordinates. If there is a mismatch then it is more likely that the volume has not loaded in the correct orientation. Has the volume been loaded from a DICOM file?

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Fully agree. You need to reorient your volume using Transforms module.

Thanks for responses. I was able to achieve the desired effect using the Transforms module. The volumes we are loading are of our own making, reconstructed from 2D ultrasound images. Perhaps you can clarify – where in the .mrml (or elsewhere) is the orientation specified? I understand how to encode the letters for the axes, but how is the default orientation of the volume relative to the orientation graphic determined?