Need to get numeric data from comparing two different segmentations

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version:4.11
Hi there! I´m trying to compare different segmentations and evaluate them with numeric results.
The aim is to compare growcut segmentation with otsu threshold and with watershed ones. The problem comes because i have not been able to find a module that give those results and i have no idea how to get them. I have been trying to do every single segmentation in a different segment and then use Segmen Comparison module, but it does not work properly as it only compares one single segment to another, so when trying to compare growcut and watershed ( which need more than a segment each to come to a well done segmentation) it doesn¨t work. Could somebody tell me wich measures should I look for tto compare and decide which segmentation is better or if is there any module I can use?
Thanks so much in advanced.