New category for job postings?

(Andras Lasso) #1

Two people asked me in the past couple of days about how to place job postings and Andriy has also just posted one. So, we have enough of these that we should define a standard way of dealing with these.

I think we should create a new category. What should be the name? Jobs, Job board, Marketplace, Job opportunities, …?

Should we subscribe new users to this new category by default?

(Steve Pieper) #2

I think category called Jobs would be good, but no, I don’t think new users should be subscribed by default.

(Andrey Fedorov) #3

Yes, I agree, a separate category is better, since otherwise those posts do not match the existing category description, which can be annoying for those interested in Slicer-specific announcements. I posted into that category with a tag just following the earlier precedent.

(Andrey Fedorov) #4

FWIW “Jobs” or “Jobs board” will be consistent with how MICCAI advertises those:

(Andras Lasso) #5

I’ve created a new category - Jobs - and moved all existing job postings there.