New extension release: GeodesicSlicer

Dear all,
I am very proud to announce the release of new extension in 3D Slicer: GeodesicSlicer

This extension calculates geodesic path in 3D structure. Moreover, thanks to this geodesic path, this module can draw an EEG 10-20 system, determine the projected scalp stimulation site (MRI guided brain stimulation without the use of a neuronavigation System) and correct the rTMS resting motor threshold by correction factor.

This extension has been developed based on ideas and feedbacks from the community. We would like to especially thank:

  • Dr. Olivier Etard,
  • Dr. Clément Nathou,
  • Dr. Nicolas Delcroix,
  • Dr. Sonia Dollfus,
  • Dr. Csaba Pinter,
  • Dr. Andras Lasso.

For the online documentation pages please click here.

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