New interpolation tool

Hi All,
I am thrilled to share our recent tool for filling between slices in segmentation module. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback! :nerd_face:
we designed it for muscle segmentation though it can be used for tumor, bone and smooth structures. here are two examples for tumor and muscle segmentation.

link to read the method:
link to download the tool:

Thank you, it looks nice! To make it conveniently available for users, you could add a new Segment Editor effect for it.

How does it compare to “Fill between slices” effect?
What worries me a bit is the 12-minute computation time for 14 segments. Morphological contour interpolation in “Fill between slices” effect typically completes computation within a few seconds.

Thank you @lassoan , I will do it as soon as possible. In the paper, we mentioned the difference between morphological ones and ours, I would say 5-10% better on muscles. I did not try on other dataset what i asked slicer users to let us know. About time, you are right, ours is slower, though in terms of accuracy, that mostly worth it, specifically when we are trying to create ground truth. The time was calculated on a laptop i7 no GPU. it will be much less using a good ones.