New module: OpenDose3D


We have released a beta test of our OpenDose3D extension. It is available in the last nightly using extension manager. We expect it to have bugs and we need to solve every bug you find in this stage.

Please report any bug in


I found the first error, when installed it does not create the logic see the error trace:

File “/Applications/”, line 230, in setup
  File “/Applications/”, line 820, in setupWidgets
    self.logic = Dosimetry4DLogic(parent=self, isotopeText=isotopeText)
TypeError: ‘module’ object is not callable

However, this doesn’t happened when installed as a custom script.
@lassoan, @cpinter
Is there anything wrong in the packaging?

The commit shall fix the issue. Let’s see tomorrow how it goes

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I have successfully tested it in MacOS

May somebody test in Windows and Linux?

Tested in Windows, it works fine.

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There is a test failing and reported here