"New users" link for the Download page?

I am at a conference, and as usual, people ask about Slicer and ask for pointers. I actually already sent out an email with my “recipe” for getting started, and then discovered the “New users” page on the wiki: (https://www.slicer.org/wiki/New_users), which contained everything and a lot more than what I would recommend to the users. It is a very nice summary guide!

How about we link that “New users” page prominently, on top of all other “Resources” links, on the Download page?


Great idea.

This PR add a new link “Getting Started” under the “For Users” columns. See https://github.com/mhalle/slicer4-download/pull/14

Here is a preview of the change:


Cc: @mhalle

I was actually thinking something more prominent like the below (with “New users guide” being the link to the wiki page.