No DICOM image is displayed!

Operating system: windows 7 64bit
Slicer version: 4.10.1
Expected behavior: DICOM images
Actual behavior: Black frames

I loaded DICOM files and everything seems to be ok but unfortunately the images did not displayed and the frames remain black with no error message.
Can you help me please?

Try the suggestions described in the DICOM FAQ. Let us know if you have managed to load your data or you need more help.


In fact iā€™m new user of the 3D Slicer and I just noticed the following error messages:

-We have determined that your graphics system is an Intel SandyBridge based system. These systems only partially support VTK. If you encounter any issues please make sure your graphics drivers from Intel are up to date.

GLEW could not be initialized.

Is there any solution for this issue?

Recent versions of Slicer require hardware that is not more than 6-8 years old. It allows using the hardware much more efficiently.

As a temporary measure you can use Slicer-4.8, but I would recommend to upgrade your hardware and switch to latest stable version of Slicer.

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