No ID meta data (patient name etc) in dicom data - 3d slicer wont load data

Hi all,

first off: my data is not clinical (i.e., no patient information/sensitive data). I am analyzing a bird skull that is housed in a fair amount of limestone.

second off: i am very, very new to 3d slicer and uct analyses, so I may have some of my terminology wrong.

I can upload my DICOM data to the DICOM database, but not load the data to to view it in the node(?) module.

I am not sure how to proceed - I need to edit in the patient metadata, but from what I have been reading, 3D slicer does not allow this. Is there a work around I can do? From here on out, none of my data will have patient information because I am working on paleontological specimens.

Any help would be appreciated!!
Below is a screenshot of my issue in 3D slicer.

macbook pro m1 2022 w/ parallels to run windows 11
slicer version 5.6.2
dicom scans from a zeiss xray machine

MicroCT scanners often produce very non-standard files. You can try the suggestions here: DICOM — 3D Slicer documentation

If you are still stuck and don’t mind sharing the data via dropbox, google drive, etc then probably someone can have a look and make suggestions.