Noob and the CSF Fluid System

I have been able to load mri scan. I obviously am in over my head a bit. CAD, Photoshop i can muster…
I am trying to locate the Exterior Ventricle bag. Directly between back orbitals. To visualise the interior of the Exterior bag.

Could i get a “path” to get where i need to be? Much appreciation…

These tutorials should help you getting started:

Let us know if you have any specific questions.


These training tutorials start with a sample. All i want to do is load properly a mri scan.

Absolutly will not do it.

There seems to be a miscommunication of this very first step.

I have been searching the world for someone just to take my scans and i will GLADLY pay for each one.

There is NO ONE that understands this software from a slicer standpoint. Zero none. Am i doomed to really think i can get what i need to show a part of the CSF System? Using this software? Should i give up?

Once you’ve completed the basic training tutorials about loading a dataset you can use this knowledge to load your own datasets.

What specific steps have you tried?

What file format is your MRI dataset?

Have you seen any errors within Slicer loading your dataset?

Thank you for your reply, just so happens, that a technician contacted one of my postings.

Problem resolved. He will get me where i need to be. There are many errors loading mri. Its also 8 years old.

He explained that he can clear that up.

I will then go over steps that are provided to me, for further learning.

Thank you,

Sheldon Scott


My contact went bad, over his head on all 3 mri scans.

Learning curve for 10- 3d specialists so high, they simply gave up…

Could i send a scan to someone to look at, to see if this ia even possible?

I would appreciate any contacts on this matter…

Thank you


Good day to all,

I am asking for help from the Community. To help me CURE Hydrocephalus in children, world wide.

My wife suffered under Shunt Therapy’s dismal side effects. Then one day her CSF shunt stopped dead, only allowing a small amount through at a time.

Then she was CURED. No side effects…at all.

With 6 mri scans will show the mysterious Interior Ventricle Bag. Never shown on any illustration available, never drawn, never photographed.

I need to prove with this software that there needs to be something better, in this market.

Children hurt the most, installation and needle plus vaccume is very painful.

Help me solve this problem, with the right explaination, as you will see, with your help.

Why am I doing this? Because no one knows of the meer existance of this bag. There are hydrolic referances that have been unexplored. Nowhere, the Interior Ventricle Bag has been found for display or study.

Its about time to give solid references to this debilitating syndrome.

Thank you

Sheldon Scott