CSF Fluid Dynamics Study - Appeal to Community

The Time has come to ask the Slicer.org community to help in my quest. To have a serious Study, into the CSF Fluid Dynamics within the Cranium.

I appeal to your human kindness, in bringing to light an unknown region. With Slicer software, we plan on a Study to be presented to Stevens Tech in N.J.

Along with a new CSF Shunt design, possible Theory of Fluid Dynamics in Pressured areas…

All pertaining to Hydrocephalus, which my wife suffers from.

At Loma Linda University, here in So. Cal, they already HAVE the Images of The Interior Ventricle Bag. The Existance of such bag is not well known. Done by Slicer.org software.

Liability IS NOT, AND WILL EVER BE AN ISSUE. Myself or My Wife will sign ANY possible claim contract with Slicer.org

Its about knowledge. There is a Valve Return of CSF Fluids, whereabouts UNKNOWN. I believe Interior Ventricle bag “pulls” open Entrance.

Entrance could be used by endoscopic tools, in better way to surgically remove Aneurysms.

This is how important this actually “is.” Loma Linda will not even share the existance of such images. Will you allow Loma Linda to release to Stevens Tech Institute? Just for study.

Please consider where this could" lead.

I thank you for this consideration.

Sheldon Scott

It is not completely clear for me what are you asking. We can help here with specific technical questions but starting a clinical study is a complex task (you need interested clinical experts, research/engineering support, clear plan, and sufficient funding).