Not equally spaced error... solution?


I am currently trying to load CT images (3D Slicer 5.7.0-2024-04-22 r32818 / 6884806), and I got the following error:

“Image slices are not equally spaced (1.5 spacing was expected, 4.5 spacing was found between files D:/cerro_el_plomo/Esmeralda/Dicom/ST00001/SE00003/IM00244 and D:/cerro_el_plomo/Esmeralda/Dicom/ST00001/SE00003/IM00248). Slicer will apply a transform to this series trying to regularize the volume. Please use caution.”

How do I solve the problem?


Gonzalo Rojas Costa

That may not be a “problem”, just a description of the data with a message about how Slicer addressed it. Have a look at the thread below and get back if there’s something else going on.