Older versions of 3D Slicer


Since my laptop does not support the Open GL, I receive this error:
See more information and help at:
Graphics capabilities of this computer:
Renderer does not support required OpenGL capabilities.

I am using Ver 4.11.
To override this error I thought I may use older versions like v4.5. But I couldn’t find the older versions for download.

I was wondering how it is possible to download older windows versions?

Hi -

There’s a link on the download page:


From there you can get to this page:


You can also switch to a software renderer by downloading and copying a few files into your Slicer folder as described here: Get Help — 3D Slicer documentation

Software renderers are slower, but the performance degradation is only significant if you use volume rendering or display a complex model.

Thank you for your help.
I did all of the procedures step by step. However, I couldn’t run the app.

I also downloaded the latest version, 4.8.1 . I could run the app successfully. However, the extensions can’t be downloaded. It seems the extension link is outdated:

I’m not sure what hardware you are using, but there’s a good chance that installing linux (e.g. ubuntu) on your hardware will enable a newer version of Slicer. If you are able to consider new hardware, Chromebooks can be a very cost-effective option and many run Slicer well.

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There are also cloud services that allow you to run Slicer for free, such as Binder.

You can also rent quite capable computers from Microsoft, Amazon, or Google for a few ten cents per hour that you can access via your web browser.