Only black image shown in red/green/yellow view


When importing DICOM files to the newest 3d Slicer from today on Linux, the red, green and yellow views remain black no matter what I do. I did not have this problem in the earlier 3D Slicer I was using, which was from september 16. When I select to show the red/green/yellow slices inside the 3D view, they show up there fine, so it is not a case of wrong viewing area relative to the physical volume. Is this a known problem with a solution, or do I have to “bisect” among the recent Slicer versions to pinpoint the problematic change?

As I mentioned, when embedding each slice view inside the 3d view, they show up there fine, with correct image pixels. It is only within the red/green/yellow views that the image is always completely black. I have not seen this problem before among the different 3D Slicer versions I have used.

I’m using 3D Slicer 4.13.0-2020-10-25 r29444 / 228f187.

I tried some different versions of 3D Slicer:

r29407: only black slices in the red/green/yellow views
r29402: everything works fine

So the problem appeared somewhere between those two versions.

I’m just commenting to say that I’m having the exact same issue (works fine in the stable version but black screen in the nightly release) and I hope a forthcoming update can resolve this issue!

I just see that the report is for Slicer-4.13. We are still working on making this latest preview release work with latest VTK9 version. We think we are close but it may take a few more days. You can monitor the status here:

Until it gets fixed, you can use the latest stable release.

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