Wont open image in Yellow and Green

Operating system: Win 10 pro
Slicer version: 4.10.1
Expected behavior: To open image in all 3 axis
Actual behavior: only opens in Axial (Red) and a thin line in sagital (yellow), and coronal (green)

Hi there,
im new working with slicer 3d, watched a lot of tutorial, but as i drag and drop the .dcm files of the CT Scan folder, or drag the folder, or search with the load file button, only the Axial slices appear in the Red box, and the yellow and green (sagital and coronal) show a thin slice instead of the hole image, and cant render into the 3d box.
Is this a config of the slicer problem? are the CT .dcm files not sorted as they should? (i’ve used 3d images for diagnosis in other dcm viewers and no problem)
Please a light here
thanks a lot1

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I suspect only one slice is loaded.

To confirm this, could you share a screenshot depicting the volume information panel available in the “Volumes” module ? For example:


Also, after dragging the folder, did you select “Load directory into DICOM database” ?


I didn’t check that, I’ll upload again and check it thanks, I’ll get back here again