Only flat slices show in 3D view

Hello, I have uploaded a dicom folder following all the steps, but on the 3D view I can only see the flat slices. Any idea of why this happens? Thank you!

Does enabling/disabling depth peeling in the 3D view makes a difference?

Which Slicer version do you use, on what operating system?

Please turn on the visibility.

Thank you both! I turned visibility on (sigh) and I see a cylinder, which I am not sure if it is because how the scan was made, or if I can “clean” it so see the bones only. I see the same in all presets, can I fix this? Thanks again!

Please read the appropriate sections of the documentation, it will be more efficient for you I think. I’d start here: Volume rendering — 3D Slicer documentation

You can try different volume rendering presets to get a nicer appearance.

You can move the “Shift” slider to the right to make the dark region (low voxel values) disappear.

Thank you all! I think I have it now, I´ll read the documentation in detail, I could not find the issue there.