Openslide-python not working when trying to use monailabel

When I try to install monailabel with the command ‘pip install -U monailabel’, I get this issue:

I pip installed openslide-python before, but I am still having an issue. I also tried installing it with a GitHub clone, but that didn’t work. How should I solve this issue?

Since the monai package of monailabel requires openslide-python 1.1.2 as stated here, then I would suggest using Python 3.10 or earlier as there are only Whl files available for those versions. See openslide-python · PyPI. Python 3.11 was not released when this openslide version was released so it is not officially supported.

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Hello, I tried using 3.9.13 but still have the same issue.

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This is strange. There shouldn’t be an issue with Python 3.9. Can you please share the error?

Also, I’d suggest trying a fresh Python environment using version 3.9 or 3.10. More comments about this issue are also here: monailabel cannot be installed in python 3.11 · Issue #1569 · Project-MONAI/MONAILabel · GitHub

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Hello. I tried again by uninstalling python and reinstalling an earlier version and it worked. Thank you for the help!

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Thanks for the update, @Vineet_Saravanan