Operations on segments that are not visible

I will sometimes inadvertently hit “apply” on an editing operation with a segment that is not visible. This results in a rather long delay, followed by “undo”, to get back to where I was.

Has there been any discussion about a warning box when you hit “apply” and the selected segment is not visible? I realize it’s my own dumb fault, but over the years this would probably have saved me a fair amount of time.


This has come up a few times before. I agree that applying operation on a non-visible segment often happens by mistake, so a warning box for could be helpful. If we add a “Do not show again” checkbox then it would not be very annoying for those people who do this intentionally. Could you submit a feature request to https://github.com/Slicer/Slicer/issues?

Would you be interested in implementing it? It would be a helper function in C++ that could be called using a single line from both C++ and Python scripted effects.

Feature request submitted.

Sure, I’d be willing to try implementing it. As long as nobody needs it urgently - I have two separate conference talks to prep and give in the next month or so.

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