ophthalmic artery extraction

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I found 3D slicer couple of days ago, it is a great environment! I followed youtube tutorials, did some trials and I really liked it. But I am failed to extract the ophthalmic artery. I tried head and brain MRI (I am an engineer so I might missed some medical terms) is it possible with 3DSlicer? Am I doing something wrong?

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Arteries should be contrast enhanced for efficient radiological studies, either by iodine for CT, or gadolinium for MRI. The sample datasets available do not have such studies. You should obtain one from elsewhere and make it available. (It should also be rightly time-phased for the target arteries, but that’s the radiologist’s job. Lastly, CT is better suited for arteries than MRI.)

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Looks like I cant do it alone. I thought It would be easy for a academic study, I guess not.

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Yes, it is very true: if you are in medical image computing field then you cannot do it alone. If you are an engineer or researcher then it is very important to work with clinicians, to make sure you have a good understanding of the clinical problem, requirements, and constraints, get relevant input data and get feedback on correctness and clinical usefulness of the generated outputs.

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What kind of help do you want Eren. I’m radiologist.

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Well, It was a freelance job so I rejected it after learning it should be long term project, client wanted results “immediately” and his responses was not really mature. So, I am not interested in it right now. But if you would need a CFD guy for academic studies in future, I would gladly help!