Carotid Artery Segmentation in tw weighted MRI's

Hi guys, I am very new to 3D slicer and medical images in general. I am trying to segment the carotid arteries in a t2-weighted image. However, I am having trouble doing that. I think fundamentally, I am having trouble knowing how to segment the arteries, and I am also having trouble locating the arteries. I will attach my data (just a few images), and hopefully, someone can give me a few methods to try and segment the arteries. And maybe someone can help me even locate the arteries. I think better yet if someone actually does do the segmentation do you think you could export it and then save it to google drive so I can use the same method and will get an idea of how to do this for the rest of my images. Thanks!!

Link to data: OASIS-3 T2 dataset - Google Drive