ParaToSPHARMMesh completed with errors on win10

(Lxgwd1983) #1

Operating system:win 10
version:SlicerSALT 1.1.0-2018-10-25

I use the example data download from the web. The output of step1 and step2 are correct. but I meet an error on step3. there isn’t any more debug information about this error. is there anybody meets the same problem?
The flowing is the running information and the example data name.

debug imformation
D:/Program Files/SlicerSALT/bin/…/lib/SlicerSALT-4.9/cli-modules/ParaToSPHARMMeshCLP.exe --subdivLevel 10 --spharmDegree 15 --thetaIteration 100 --phiIteration 100 --paraOut --FinalFlip 0 C:/Users/X711/AppData/Local/Temp/SlicerSALT/GAEI_vtkMRMLModelNodeG.vtp C:/Users/X711/AppData/Local/Temp/SlicerSALT/GAEI_vtkMRMLModelNodeH.vtp D:/Program Files/SlicerSALT/data/OutData/Step3_ParaToSPHARMMesh/InputImage_pp_surf
ParaToSPHARMMesh terminated with an unknown exception.

data name
Aim 2.0. SPHARM-PDM00