Persist checkbox disappears

Please see the attached image. After selecting any of the three items in that toolbar list, the persistance checkbox will vanish. I noticed that many months ago and expected a discrete fix. Unfortunately, it’s still an unexpected behavior. Now it’s not a real problem, I just want to report it.

I’m using Slice built from git on Linux (KDE, Xorg), with the Python 2.7.15 as the only modification, instead of 2.7.13.


Hi SET - thanks for the report. Does it happen with the stable or nightly builds from I tested 4.10.1 on debian and don’t have an issue.

Hi Steve,

It does not happen with 4.10.1 stable nor with 4.11.0 nightly 2019-01-27 from So it related to my build.

I should have checked before, sorry for having bothered you.

Anyway, it’s not a fundamental problem, and I don’t use the persist checkbox very often.

If relevant, I build on Arch Linux with GCC 8.x and Qt 5.12.


It may have something to do with the Qt version (I think we use an earlier version for the nightly builds).

Since 2019-03-09 build, the persist checkbox, well, just persists :star_struck:

Do you mean the problem is solved?

Yes, marking it as such.