PET Standard Uptake Value Computation

I have a question about the calculation formulas of SUV for PET, when i use the moudle " PETStandardUptakeValueComputation" and extension “PET DICOM”
As we know, the Suv formula is as follows

But I don’t know what’s the scan start time?Is it the Series Time or the Acquisition Time?
And their SUV results are different.

(0008,0031) TM 153348 # Series Time
(0008,0032) TM 154644.500000 # Acquisition Time
(0010,1030) DS 100.788 # Patient’s Weight
(0018,1072) TM 142110.000000 # Radiopharmaceutical Start Time
(0018,1074) DS 552410034.17969 # Radionuclide Total Dose
(0018,1075) DS 6586.2 # Radionuclide Half Life

Thank you very much.