PETCTfusion (dealing with PET and CT DICOM images)


I’m trying to put my head around 3D slicer.
I’ve downloaded version 4.10.2 and 4.11.0. I’ll be working with PET/CT images.

I’m trying to find PETCTfusion module but I couldn’t find it on the list, not even on the extension manger.
I have bunch of CT and PET DICOM images and I want to segment tumours and calculate some features.

Appreciate your help.

PETCTFusion module was developed for Slicer-3.x. In current Slicer-4.x version it is replaced by other modules. See details here:

I believe the PETCTfusion module made the process of fusing PET and CT volumes easier than doing it manually. PETStandardUptakeValueComputation is based on PETCTFusion, but it doesn’t have the fusion tools, just the metric extraction tools. Anyone seen a nice PET-CT automatic fusion tool that
requires minimal mouse clicks?