I can not find this module in the 3D slicer heart 5.2 version. I used to have it in the 4.11 version. Is there any way I can still use it on the 5.2? Otherwise, how can I download the 4.11 version?

Everything should work the same way in Slicer-5.2. Do you see any errors in the application log?

Thank you, I keep getting an error message everytime i try to install the heartslicer extension, which is why i can’t fine the 4D philips module. Any idea why is this happening ?

There are a number of possible reasons for the failure so please post the error message.

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What is the error message?
What operating system do you use?
Can you install other extensions?

Are you behind a proxy server/corporate firewall? If yes, you can follow the instructions for installing extensions without a network connection.