PK Modelling Module Extension- Missing?


Just wondering if anyone can help me locate the PK Modelling Module in the latest 4.11.0 Slicer update?

I have been using the module for analysis for a few months and recently re-downloaded the software on a new hard drive and haven’t been able to locate it (or its merged module) in the extension manager.


It appears that the extension for Slicer preview hasn’t been building successfully.

This is likely because the extension hasn’t been updated since Slicer transitioned to c++11 and ITK5.

It does appear that the extension is available if you use Slicer stable 4.10.2.

If you would like to use it with the latest Slicer core features, then I’d suggest contacting the maintainers of the source code and requesting an update.

Thanks James.

I did try the stable 4.10.2 version and unfortunately it wasn’t working. It still runs on my laptop using 4.10.1, but I will need to figure how to get that version on my new computer.

I have sent a request as you suggested. Hope to hear back soon.

Could you explain the issues you are having using the extension with Slicer 4.10.2?

To use the PK modelling module, you first need to of course access the extension manager and select the module. The module is now all together missing from this library.

I took a guess it had been combined with another module for multi-purpose however I have been unable to identify which module that would be. If the module is having an error building, perhaps it was taken out from the library all together.

I did try the stable 4.10.2 version and unfortunately it wasn’t working.

This is what I was asking about.

I just now tried Slicer 4.10.2 and was able to install the PK Modeling extension, so I wasn’t sure what issues you were having.


That is very interesting as none of the extensions were installing for me on the updated version, and you’ve managed 5… Plus PK. I will re-attempt the installation of 4.10.2 tomorrow on the hard drive and have hope it was a software installation error on my end.


Hi James,

Version 4.10.2 is working fine now with the PK Modelling Module. I will stick with this version until the update for 11.0 is complete. Thank you for your assistance.