PkModeling tutorial

Hi all,

Fairly new to DCE-analysis and thought this thread was on topic to a question I had:

  • What did you find was the best method to analyze your output PK maps once generated in Slicer? (I.e. Exporting data format and subsequent image analysis software)

I have tried using DICOM and MATLAB respectively as stated in a previous thread: DICOM Export Rounding to Integer Values. Here, I was recommended to use Python, Matlab Bridge extension or MATLAB with nrrdread.m instead. I have been investigating these options but thought I’d come to the experts here with previous experience in exporting data for PK mapping specifically.

I also couldn’t find any direct PKModeling tutorials available online, so I made my own for my research group. I could make this publicly available if it was thought worthwhile? Just wanting to figure out the best export method first.


Madeleine, we always welcome users to share the tutorials they developed! You can share the link to the tutorial you created, and I can link it from the PkModeling documentation pages. Any form is fine - PDF, YouTube, Google Slides, PPT, web page, … - whatever you already have, and what you found to be helpful for your group.

Hi Andrey,

This is the tutorial I created for my research group. I hope it is helpful to others! Note I sub-linked a tutorial originally made by you that I found to really help also: PKModeling Tutorial



@madeline sorry for the delay, but I finally updated the PkModeling wiki page to link your tutorial. It is now linked from here:

Thank you for your contribution!