Please provide a working parameters.yml file

Hi to everyone, I would like to produce a Parameters file for Slicerradiomics to customize the extraction of ALL image types and ALL feature classes.
I found several examples of Parameter files in this forum and on GitHub, saved them as YAML through Visual Studio Code and checked each in YAML Lint.
Without the file (manual customization) I do get a table with calculations. But with each of the Params.yml files, the calculation stops after about 10 seconds and the table remains empty.
I am quite desperate and stuck and would greatly appreciate a working Params.yml file that instructs to generate all image transformations and calculations of all available features. I assume that just about anyone who used SlicerRadiomics should have a parameters file.

Did you open the python window in slicer? If the extraction fails, it should print an error as to why this happens in the python window.
If you can find the error, but don’t understand it, please post it here, so we are better able to help you.

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Many thanks for your feedback, I was mainly interested in getting a functional Params file than troubleshooting, so miraculously I did manage to produce it with my non-existent coding skills - it leads to the calculation of 1340 features.
This must be close to all available repertoire.
I suggest putting this file in the manual, so who wants to skip some feature class or image type- it is easy to downsize even for non-coders.
Here is the file:

    Original: {}
    LoG: {'sigma' : [1.0, 3.0]} 
        binWidth: 10

    Square: {}
    Logarithm: {}
    Exponential: {}

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