Problem importing a Volumen With a Phillips affinity 50

Hi. I’ve been practicing with the 3dSlicer and My 3d ultrasound volumes. I have a phillips Affinity 50 but I’m having a problem when I import the dicom volume into the program, the sagital and coronal images seems smaller in the FOV dimensions not like the axial volume.
That happens in the 3d slicer because in the ultrasound machine seems the same size.
Any ideas?


How did you import the image? Did you install SlicerHeart extension? Did you use the DICOM module to import and load the image? Are there any warnings or errors in the application log?

I used this…

I already installed the SlicerHeart extensions. I think that I used the DICOM module to import and load the image. And I didn’t get any warnings or errors.

Here is the DICOM file of the volume.

Thank you for sharing the image. I’ve found the root cause of the issue (slice spacing is not stored in public DICOM fields but only in private ones) and update SlicerHeart module to be able to load the images with correct spacing.

Reinstall SlicerHeart extension tomorrow or later to get the updated version. When you import the data, drag-and-drop the folder that contains the file (not the file) to Slicer and choose DICOM import. Then load the data set from the DICOM browser.

Load the data using DICOM browser:


Volume rendered result (image is not distorted anymore):


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I already reinstalled the SliceHeart and keeps happening the same thing.

When I’m trying to load the volume in the DICOM browser it says this:

Thanks in advance…

SlicerHeart did not get built for Windows last night (see dashboard), maybe due to moving of Kitware’s headquarter. Hopefully the build will be completed tomorrow. If there is no SlicerHeart update in a few days then let us know and we’ll investigate.

lassoan thanks a lot. I had to install linux in another partition to do this but finally worked!! :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted I have some projects to do some simulators for fetal surgery training.


Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Hi Antonio,

I can’t get the 3D volume file out of my affinity 50. On DICOM-Export only the pictures and videos are copied. The 3D files are simply ignored and not copied to USB stick.

Can you tell me how you do it?

Thanks a lot!

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I found it. The check mark in the settings was not set for 3D export.

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