Problem in viewing segmentation volume and voronoi model

Hello Everyone,
I’m trying out the features of Extract centerlines available in recent Preview release.

In the Windows version, I could view both centerline and Voronoi model after hitting Apply (steps followed from here) . I am not able to view the Voronoi model in Linux version though.
image .

The problem is after using Extract Centerlines I am not able to view the Voronoi model and segmentation volume (this can be seen in the snapshot posted above – the eye icon next to the segmentation node is open in the bottom image from Linux version).

Please note: The segmentation volume is visible after loading the file i.e prior to centerline computation. The volume disappears after hitting Apply in Extract Centerlines .

I have also tried to view the segmentation volume outside VMTK module, in the segment editor. It works absolutely fine and I am able to view the volume.

Do the models appear correctly if you set their opacity to 1.0 (fully opaque)?
Does disabling depth peeling make everything appear?
How many points and cells are in the Voronoi model? (you can see it in the Models module Information section).

Thanks a lot for the response.

Yes. The Voronoi model is visible only at 1. It is not visible for any value <1 even after disabling depth peeling. There is no issue with the Windows version.


170983 .

May I know if any update is available on this issue?

This problem persists even in the latest preview release. Immediately after centerline model is generated
the 3D geometry disappears and voronoi model is visible only at opacity =1. This makes it really difficult for tasks like branch deletion. I never faced these issues in the releases made in June.

Could you please look into this?