Problem loading ALL CT DICOM files

I have a problem loading all DICOM files. My folder consist of MRI and CT images. Right now mainly interested in the CT images. The folder contains 205 CT images.
In the DICOM database only 3 CT images are found. All the MRI images are found.
What could be the problem? Thank you in advance!

Hi -

Can you try the steps described in the FAQ?

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Hi Pieper,
Thanks for responding. Right now it says the following:

So now nothing is importing… Instead of only a part. Not sure what happened. Happened after I used the drag and drop instead of loading via ‘Import DICOM files’, although I doubt that would be the problem.
Can easily open/view the dicom files in Matlab or MicroDicom.

Most likely the files cannot be accessed because they are in a special folder (e.g., network mapped or google cloud folder). There used to be issues with having international characters in the filenames, but that should not be a problem anymore (unless you are on an older Windows version). If you move it to a regular local folder then it should all work well.

If import still does not work then check if you see any error messages in the application log (menu: Help / Report a bug).

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I found the problem. The folder consist of images 1 to 255 and 560 to 596, when I import it tries to read 256, 257 and so on and then crashes. I have now imported images 1 to 255 separately successfully. No idea how this problem could be solved without separating the data, but at least I can import my data separately now.