Proposed new Slicer logo

I would love to also see what C on dark background looks like with the horizontal and vertical cuts on sphere white, as they are on the white background.

Also, I like the little lick of shading on C-white-version. Would be nice to see that on the C-dark-version too.

Keeping the logo stable across bg changes would be ideal.

Nice work @SteveJordanKW!


We should be careful not to end up with Pacman.
I am all for some amount of simplification, but in my mind this is a tune-up, not a rebranding. We should be careful not to go too far from our established brand at this point.


@rkikinis What are your specific thoughts of version C from above?

To me it hits the following requirements:

  • Must be similar in design to current logo and still recognizable as “3D Slicer”. This includes shapes and colors used. :white_check_mark:
  • Switch to flat colors :white_check_mark:
  • Reduce number of design elements and colors :white_check_mark:

Since the current design has been with Slicer 4 for a decade now, I think this refresh direction would be a welcome update for Slicer 5 to signal fresh development for this new decade.


you raise some good points. I agree with your first and last checkmark.
As to the second point: Personally, I prefer minimalist design. Having said that, I am not sure about switching to flat colors for the slicer logo. One of the main features of Slicer is 3D rendering. Color gradients convey depth. I liked Wendy’s idea to use a color gradient based on the one in the 3D window.


Hi All,
Bunch of sketches (10) for your weekend viewing fun. Playing with great ideas from @SteveJordanKW and team. I’ll share these in separate, as I have a 3-image quota per post. Cheers, guys!

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 4.09.30 PM

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@wenples sent me these by email to bypass the 3-post limit (she’s a veteran slicer contributor, but a newbie on the forum)

To get my vote in early, I’m liking 9a/b - the inset can be read as pixels or as a little info vis plot.

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Another small thing: I’m personally a fan of the extra space in “3D Slicer” as in 10 compared to 9.


I like 10c/d as well. What about the general user interface for Slicer 5 … any updates to it as was discussed some time ago?

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It would be nice to see the 6 grid version from @SteveJordanKW’s designs in @wenples Sketch 8/9/10. I think I prefer the unique color blocks instead of some singles and some duplicates. Something about the two green, two orange but one blue, one red doesn’t seem as nice though I get it’s probably trying to be symmetric.

The extra spacing between “3D” and “Slicer” from what is in the current logo should be done. I think it would be nice to use the primary color from the logo mark as the text color for at least “3D” but maybe all of “3D Slicer”.

I’m not much of a fan of the purple shade with the gradient. I think a grey is more recognizable as a Slicer brand and more similar to the current logo.

I think I still prefer @SteveJordanKW version C design as it just looks more modern with the flatter design more prominent in recent OS versions while heavy shading was more prominent of an OS from 10 years ago. I think a few extra flat shades can help provide more depth to emphasize the 3D aspect.

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To add to all the designs Wendy gave us to take in over the weekend, here is the updated “C” version that @jamesobutler wanted to see.

I think the logo’s core identity is still intact and has a nice contour with the staggered grid. I brought in the dark strokes, as opposed to the previously transparent designs I posted before. I also think the lower right shading helps emphasize the idea of “3D” while maintaining the new simplified look.

Can anyone speak to gradient use in SVGs, I’ve had some trouble in the past with scalability and interacting with SVG files that contained them initially (I’ve been opening them in Adobe Illustrator). I think with some of the challenges of gradients not scaling well (in a favicon for instance) and the need for responsive design in general, gradients have become used less frequently in logos design in recent years.


Both @wenples 9 a/b and @SteveJordanKW designs look good to me. Great idea to refresh the logo!

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I think these logos from @SteveJordanKW and team are very handsome! and Steve’s points about inconsistencies rendering svg gradients (particularly across browsers) are correct.

At the time the current and original logo were created, the shading/gradient was important to the community because 3D rendering was HARD! Now we don’t have to market that so boldly if the consensus is to move from that legacy style toward something that will be friendly for Slicer’s web-based future. I also think the logo change should make the developer community feel psyched and proud!

One note: the blue-gray in the current logo was the legacy color of Slicer’s 3D viewer background. That changed to a more beautiful set of blues in Slicer 4. I’d like to see how the flat sphere color might look tracking one of those blues. I will try a few experiments to explore that.

Two important questions: it’s desirable to have consistent updated visual messaging across all of Slicer5’s software components, web support documents and forums, and that takes time. A strategy that minimizes user and developer confusion in particular is important.

  1. If the release deadline doesn’t accommodate that deep treatment, how deeply and strategically can the “refresh” be installed so that support materials etc. feel related to the Slicer 5 release?

  2. And is it preferable (or even possible) to limit the refresh to dark mode until a complete rebrand is possible?

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I don’t forsee there being difficulties updating various Slicer components with the updated logo. Some legacy documentation/extensions would still maintain the old logo, but new/current materials would definitely need to use the refreshed logo. There is already a mix of grey and creme color versions of the current logo being used in various areas, so things already aren’t consistent, but hopefully this effort would help improve this.

Even though easy to do, regarding time to complete is a bit of a unknown with various people in control of different areas. I’ll begin a list of different areas where the refreshed logo should be updated to help in this aspect.

Primary Sites:


Third Party:

Slicer Extensions using the logo or elements of old logo:


Thanks everyone for contributing your time, expertise and input to help improve the Slicer logo. This is outstanding !

Are we all in agreement to move forward with the latest designed proposed in the previous reply ?


I would wait for Wendy’s next iteration

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That refreshed logo does have several users’s support and will work.

To address @rkikinis, we can wait a few days if @wenples wants to do another iteration.


I like this design very much! My only small suggestion would be to try to make this a bit more balanced by putting the nice colorful part closer to the center (by making it a bit larger). Something like this:



Kitware designer team (@SteveJordanKW or @faiza.ahmed), could you implement this latest request from @lassoan about making the color blocks a bit larger? See the post above this one. Maybe a side-by-side view of variations of this design.

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I think the changes @lassoan suggested make sense (thanks for the great mock up to illustrate what you’re looking for). I’ll make this change and also go through the selected version and make the black stroke around everything more consistent!


Thanks again for all the feedback, I think your logo is coming together nicely! Here are the changes @lassoan suggested along with some adjustments to the dark strokes around everything (mostly adjusted to have a slightly thinner, more consistent look).