Python Interactor colors


I just installed the latest stable version on my MacBook and I noticed that the colors in the interaction are different. The Error messages are printed in white so they are not visible.

version 4.11.20200930
revision 29402
built 2020-10-02

I just noticed the exact same thing and was about to post. You can see them in dark mode, so that might be a workaround if you don’t mind dark mode.

There was a commit that fixed Python console colors after the 20200930 release. Could you please try if colors look good in the latest preview release?

I have a recent build (couple of days old?) and the colors look fine in that, so presumably the latest preview is okay too.


Thanks for testing. Currently, we don’t plan to have a patch release for Slicer-4.11 but we’ll see what else comes up and how long does it take to make Slicer-4.13 functional (and release Slicer-5.0).

As a quick workaround, if you don’t want to switch to dark mode for everything, you could use:

slicer.util.mainWindow().pythonConsole().backgroundColor = qt.QColor(0,0,0)

to just switch the python console to black.

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