Quantification, segmentation and Analyses of Aortic Valve Annulus and Leaflets using heart CT scans

Dear all,

I am new here and rally glad of getting to know this valuable software and the great community. I need your kind insightful advice in order to learn what are the best practices to measure the sizes, and segment and analyze the heart valves especially the Aortic Valve’s annulus and leaflets as well as all other useful quantitative numbers such as the distance (height) of the coronary artries, annulus angles, important saddle point quantifications, etc.

The main consideration is that I am using CT scans for this purpose, and while the 3D Slicer and SlicerHeart are really feature-rich and great, it’s difficult for the beginner to decide the best approaches; for example, shall I use SlicerHeart that is mostly developed for EcoCardiographs of Mitral Valve and are its options for other/unknown/general types/cases accurate enough? Or I have better to use general 3D Slicer’s Markups’ measurement tools, or is it wise and accurate to just segment and 3D print the heart/valve structures and measure them physically? I do not want to make this text too long but please consider that I am new here and still have problems with Crosshair’s applications or in general with effective mouse utilization in 3D Slicer environment so that either I do not know how to use it efficiently, or some features are changed in different versions, or anyways, the muse does not work so well that I see in great tutorials on Youtube! Many thanks for your kind attention and wise recommendations in advance!

With best regards;