Question about PLUS toolkit and Ultrasonix ultrasound

Good morning everyone,

I have an issue with transfering us images from my Ultrasonix probe (running on a 32 bit os) to my main working PC (64 bits os).

I have seen that people should use toolKitPlus on the 32 bit pc and Slicer on my 64 bit os… Using OpenIGTLink

I configured the Ultrasonix pc as a client and my main pc as a server (recieving images). But it doesn’t work…

Can someone give me a step-by-step manual about how to trasnfer images from one pc to another… ?

Thank you for your patience.

It does work. Since this problem only related to Plus, please submit an issue on the GitHub project page. Describe what software (and what version) you run and on what computer, and also upload debug-level logs of PlusServer to onedrive/dropbox/gdrive/etc. and post the link.