PlusToolkit compatible with GE Ultrasound

Dear all,

Anyone with experience in connecting a General Electric Ultrasound device to the Plus Server?
The devices of GE are not in the list of compatible hardware.

Thanks in advance!

Plus toolkit can only acquire images from GE ultrasound systems via a framegrabber. You can use a high-quality framegrabber, such as Epiphan devices, or any Microsoft Media Foundation or OpenCV compatible device.

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Thanks again for your reply!
Is it also possible without any external hardware device?

It is possible to receive images in real-time from some GE scanners using GE’s AppAPI interface. You can get access to this API by signing up to GE’s Edison Developer Program. You’ll be added to the GEUltrasound/AppAPI repository on GitHub, which contains SDK and examples.

I would recommend to modify one of the examples to create a small client that receives ultrasound images via AppAPI and makes them available via OpenIGTLink. Slicer can receive live images via OpenIGTLink, display, record, replay, reconstruct them into 3D volume (if you connect a tracker to it), etc.

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