Question related to ROI: preset voxel count or edge length in a square(rectangle effect) roi

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.10.2
My problem is about drawing a rectangular ROI into a computed tomography. I have already drawn round ROIs, now I want to draw the same voxelcount as rectangular ROIs. With the HeterogeneityCAD I have already determined the voxel count of the round ROIs. I want to know where I can preset the edge lengths or the voxelcount for a rectangular ROI, if this is possible at all.
Since I believe that my question is very specific, I address in particular @Iassoan and @federov.
Many thanks in advance!!

If you want to specify a region of interest by a segment programmatically, then a good option is to create one using a VTK source (for example, vtkCubeSource) and import it into a segmentation (as shown in this example).