Radiomics extension build errors on Windows

It’s available for linux 4.10, but there is a build error on windows. @JoostJM or @jcfr any ideas about this one?

Got it, thank you for your reply.

This is the first time build started to fail with those errors (r27508):

No changes in SlicerRadiomics. There were changes in pyradiomics, but looks like the problem is from a dependency of pyradiomics, which doesn’t look like changed.

@jcfr these are the commits in Slicer that might have caused the problem:


@jcfr trying to ping you again - do you have any hints as to what might be wrong here?

Hi All,

I haven’t fixed the error yet, but I think I found the cause. Downside is that this resides in a package PyRadiomics depends on (PyWavelets). Follow this issue on the SlicerRadiomics github for updates.

I think it would be good to know whether this failure is due to any changes in Slicer or configuration of the dashboard. When I looked into this earlier, I did not notice any changes as to how pywavelets or its use from pyradiomics changed in the commits that separated successful builds from failure on the Slicer dashboard. I understand pywavelets is failing, but I do not understand why it started happening.

Today’s update is that extension build is failing on all platforms:

Response from @jcfr in

I am out at a conference today and we will have a look later.

It seems the extensions server is getting overloaded and it will be time to
plan for transitioning away to the new Girder based system.

Note that the backend is ready and we still need to finalize the frontend.

All errors seem to happen in package upload step, so it seems that build errors have been resolved!

The extension manager responds, but it is really slow (took several minutes to load the main page).

@fedorov, I think the error is caused by changes made in the PyWavelets’ source code. As @lassoan mentioned, it is a quite complex extension build. I now force the version to > 0.4, <= 1.0.0, which now resolves the build error. Therefore I think some changes were made to the extensions or the build process that didn’t agree with the slicer build platform.

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As a temporary fix, we increased the memory allocated to the extension server.

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Thanks @jcfr !

@TingtingYu the Radiomics extension should now be available for all platforms:


Hi Andrey,

Thank you! Great to hear that.