Error running radiomics extension

I recently installed the radiimics extension and have been encountering this error upon my program.
This program was compiled by me, but I cannot use Radiomics. When I click on the function, it immediately crashes. Can you help me?


If you compiled the code yourself, a common problem is mismatched library versions or incorrect library paths. Please try the binaries we provide and install the radiomics extension.

How can I contact you to obtain binary files?

The SlicerRadiomics extension is in the extension manager. You shouldn’t need to compile anything.

Yes, I found SlicerRadiomics in the expansion. However, the slicer I compiled after installation cannot use this feature, resulting in interface crashes, so I am very confused and actively seek help.

In general if you compile Slicer yourself, then you also need to compile any extensions too so they are compatible at the library level.

On the other hand it might be possible to switch the extension code to use the pypi package as discussed here: